These Seven Cars All Got Stuck In The Same Sand Trap

In case you are heading to Utah for a leisurely stroll, you should be aware that there is a sand trap along Babylon Mill Road. Avoid it at all costs as several victims have already tried and failed – good thing Towing reels is always there to save the day.

In a family-friendly and harmless YouTube channel called Matt’s off-road recovery, Winder Towing documents their salvage missions in southern Utah. The most recent download is interesting: Seven cars got stuck in one place along Babylon Mill Road, including a Tesla Model 3.

Cars in distress ranged from a Ford Focus to a Chevy pickup truck. It was a disastrous part of the road full of soft sand, which surprised motorists. Tesla’s driver even mentioned that she didn’t expect sand to be there (we doubt that though).

The savior of a Matt machine is a Jeep Cherokee XJ. It is of course equipped to conquer these types of terrain, probably with under-inflated and specific tires. Victims are not equipped with all-terrain tips and skills as intended.

Matt mentioned that they’ve been getting calls from stranded motorists almost every other day for a few weeks now, which makes us wonder why is this there in the first place?

However, if you ever find yourself in the same situation, here is a little advice. Do not bury the accelerator; the more you try to get out, the more stuck you will be. Then try to find something that could work as a traction mat to help your tires. Also, try to wet the sand to make it more compact and give your tires better traction.

If all else fails, call a towing service like the guys. We’re pretty sure they’ll be happy to help, but for a price, of course.

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