These Alaskans Celebrate Independence Day By Launching Cars Off A Cliff

Car launches in the United States have always been extravagant and remarkable (mostly), with automakers trying to roll over every time they launch a new car. Well, that’s the story at least before the coronavirus pandemic sets in.

In Alaska, however, the July 4 celebration came with a different type of car launch. Without the bright lights, expensive drinks, and outrageously expensive dinners, an Alaskan city tosses cars off a cliff to celebrate Independence Day.

Posted by, uh, How in Alaska this has been an annual tradition on YouTube in Glacierview, Alaska. The video at the top of this page celebrates this year, while there are four other videos linked in its description showing events from previous years.

In case you’re wondering, no, the cars weren’t busy and it’s mostly old cars (we saw an old truck and a convertible on the video) that are about to end anyway , then throwing a 300 foot cliff won’t be wasted too much. And yes, no one is injured during these stunts.

There are many reasons why people in this part of Alaska celebrate Independence Day in this way. At this time of year, between June 8 and July 5, there is 24 hours of daylight, which means fireworks would be boring and getting drunk in the sun would not be fun.

However, I think seeing cars flying off a cliff while holding a cold beer on the one hand would still be nice despite the sunlight. Now, excuse us while we book a flight for next year.

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