The Volkswagen ID 4 Has Leaked, and It Looks… Fine

The Volkswagen ID 4 Has Leaked, and It Looks… Fine

The Volkswagen ID 4 is the first piece of identification that VW will sell on the American market. Even though the production of the ID 3 is already well advanced, we had not seen the production version of its cross-style counterpart in the United States until today, when these images appeared on the Facebook page from CarNewsChina, and have since made their way across the Internet.

After spending a little time looking at the photos, it’s just a little… vanilla. That may be the point. Maybe the ID 4 should be as harmless as possible to attract as many customers as possible. After all, Volkswagen has a lot to do with its identity cars if it ever wants to be the leader in affordable electric vehicles. Not to mention the scandal of “Dieselgate” which still haunts the corridors of the headquarters of Wolfsburg.

When we reported on the ID 4 earlier this year, we noted that Volkswagen expects some ID 4 models to get 310 miles of range. That said, the global harmonized test procedure for light vehicles that European automakers use to test their cars is a bit optimistic, and by the time the EPA has one in hand, we expect that number falls below 300 miles.


However, 300 miles is still a lot of range, and for most Americans, this should help ward off range anxiety. VW did not mention the specifications of the low-powered ID 4s, and it is safe to assume that only high-end cars will travel close to 300 miles. When it goes on sale, the ID 4 will start at around $ 30,000, but that’s after a federal tax credit of $ 7,500 has been applied. State incentives vary, so you may be able to save even more than that in some places. Thanks to the VWIDtalk forum for the tip.

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