The Rig Is Like A Set Of Off-Road Legs For Wheelchair-Bound People

We really take a lot for granted. And being able to walk is one of those precious gifts that can be taken away from us in an instant. While a wheelchair takes care of most of the mobility needs around the house, indoors and on the sidewalks, the variety with power supply is the ideal machine for those who prefer to move easily. It’s really cool too. Unfortunately, most of these wheeled gear are limited to paved areas, and when the path becomes rocky or slippery, it is likely that your friend or loved one will not be able to join you on this hike to a neat fishing spot .

JerryRigsEverything has come up with a very simple and effective solution for those who still have this love of adventure, and will not let anything get in the way of a great outdoor experience. Called The Rig, it is essentially a four-wheeled buggy powered by batteries and capable of taking on rough terrain. It actually started as an off-road wheelchair idea, consisting of two electric bikes welded together. He grew up from there and, with the help of Utah Trikes, the design of the Rig was improved. The goal was to create an all-terrain buggy that can easily accommodate anyone using a wheelchair and give them a more affordable and easier to maintain option.

You can check out their site here, where you can edit almost every part of The Rig. Thread knotty tires, suspension, two batteries for extra range and you have a super quiet way to enjoy the outdoors. The best part is that you can even ride a wheelchair on your back to take it with you. It’s not slow either, and you can easily reach 12 miles per hour with a range of around 10 to 20 miles. It is also mainly made up of bicycle parts, so a bicycle shop will have most of the spare parts you may need. The small footprint allows it to fit into the beds of most vans and the back of most SUVs.

Essentially, it’s an inflated four-wheel electric mountain bike that can carry a little cargo on almost any surface, and it can be purchased for $ 4,750. What not to like?

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