The Aston Martin of Racing Sims Will Cost You About $75,000

The Aston Martin of Racing Sims Will Cost You About $75,000

Even the cheapest Aston Martin – the Vantage – starts at well over six figures. What doesn’t an Aston Martin fan have to do with this color? Well, there is still the used car market. Or maybe the nearly $ 75,000 AMR-C01 racing simulator.

Aston worked with Curv Racing Simulators to create what it calls “the ultimate in luxury Esports experiences”. Think of it as the Aston Martin Valkyrie from the simulators. As it turns out, the AMR-C01’s seating position mirrors that of the Valkyrie as well.

As its hefty price tag suggests, Aston’s racing simulator is a truly premium product built around a race car-like carbon fiber monocoque. To make sure no one confuses it for a lesser product, the AMR-C01 incorporates a front-end design that mimics the grille of Aston Martin cars.


With its massive display, racing-style steering wheel, and lightly padded seat, the AMR-C01 is arguably the closest to owning a new Aston Martin for under $ 100,000. Of course, this won’t get you from Point A to Point B in the real world, but it will give you the uninterrupted thrill of virtually driving one of Aston Martin’s race cars around the track.

Do you have the part to afford an AMR-C01? Then put your order in stat as Aston and Curv only make 150 of these hand assembled racing simulators.

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