The 2022 Audi S3 Sedan Is Officially Coming To The US

The new Audi S3 sedan (and the five-door Sportback) looks fantastic, and the four rings made our mouths water as it revealed the compact luxury car last month. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long for the company to officially confirm a 2022 S3 for the US market.

The S3, which will rival the Mercedes-AMG A35 and the BMW M235i Gran CoupĂ©, will likely arrive just after its humbler brother, the Audi A3 2022. This model has been confirmed for launch in late 2021, which leads us to believe that we’ll see the S3 in dealerships no earlier than December of next year. However, for fans of the Audi brand, it will probably be worth the wait.

Zesty, Zippy, Zoomy

As we reported at the global launch of the 2021 Audi S3 to European specifications, the sport sedan is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, paired exclusively with an automated seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. . Quattro all-wheel drive is a given – what remains in question are the car’s official power and torque ratings to American standards. The world model will produce 306 horsepower (228 kilowatts) and 295 pound-feet (400 Newton-meters), but Audi USA would only confirm that our car will produce more than the outgoing S3 sedan, which makes 288 horsepower (215 kW). ). ) and 280 lb-ft (380 Nm).

As reported last month, the S3 sits 0.6 inches lower than the standard A3, thanks to a sport suspension. An available S sport suspension option with damper control provides more tuning, improving both comfort and performance depending on the drive mode selector. Adaptive dampers change the flow of oil, reacting to changing road conditions in thousandths of a second. Four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, modulated by a new electric brake booster, further improve response.

Audi Sport styling

Inside and out, the S3 clearly resembles its plebeian brother A3, but it is perfectly suited to the Audi Sport duty. A more aggressive front fascia sports an unusual under-ventilated hood, reminiscent of the company’s RS products, while true large-diameter quad tailpipes spice up the rear a bit. The S3 benefits from the already aggressive styling of its less powerful horse mate, with a wider body and Ur-Quattro fender flares.

The power-adjustable S-specific sport seats receive diamond padding, an Audi trademark, and the A3’s driver-oriented touchscreens are kept intact. The S3 will receive a 10.1-inch center touchscreen and 10.3-inch digital instrument panel as standard, while the 12.3-inch Audi Virtual Cockpit instrument panel will be an option.

In price, as in performance, the 2022 Audi S3 is expected to be very competitive with the BMW M235i Gran CoupĂ© at $ 45,500 and the still priceless Mercedes-AMG A35 (the mechanically identical CLA 35 starts at $ 46,900). Audi has yet to confirm pricing in the US, but plans to increase somewhat from the 2020 model. The current S3 even starts at $ 43,000 – expect the 2022 sports sedan to ask for $ 45,000 or more.

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