The 2021 Ford Bronco Can Be Flat-Towed

It seems like the world can’t get enough of the new Ford Bronco. Offroad fans gobble up all the information we find out, and it’s not just hype. We recently learned that the Bronco already has an 18 month waiting list for reservations made at this time. Buyers are rallying in droves to get behind the wheel, and now we have some interesting news that may inspire VR fans to join the Bronco team.

A few days ago Mike Levine, Ford North America’s director of product communications, posted a short line on Twitter regarding the Bronco’s towing capacity. In this case, it’s not what the Bronco can tow, but how it can to be trailer. RV travelers often tow a vehicle behind their huge platform to use it as a runabout machine to their destination, and according to Levine, the Bronco is “designed to be towed flat.”

What does this mean exactly? In short, the vehicle is bolted to the back of the RV and towed on its wheels. The advantage is that you don’t have a bulky trailer to haul, not to mention the additional license costs and certifications often required to pull one. The downside is that serious damage to the drivetrain and transmission components of vehicles can occur if the proper measures are not taken in advance. The extent of these steps depends on the vehicle, and sometimes the preparation is as extensive as disconnecting the driveshafts. But the Bronco is apparently configured to make these steps fairly straightforward.

It is not clear how exactly the Bronco would work in such a situation, and we have contacted Ford for further information. The Jeep Wrangler is designed to be towed flat by essentially putting its transfer case in neutral. We know Ford is targeting the Bronco directly at Wrangler, so it’s possible the process could be similar. If we get a response from Ford on this, we’ll be dropping an update, but ultimately all towing procedures should be clearly outlined in the Bronco’s manual when the SUV goes on sale next year.

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