Terrifying Bridge Collapse In India Caught On Camera

Lots of people have bridge phobias, and this shocking video shows why. Fortunately, no one was killed in the dramatic collapse, but two people in the truck were transported to hospital with serious injuries.

The collapse occurred Sunday in Uttarakhand, a state in northern India not far from the Chinese border. According to a report by Times Now News, a flatbed truck carrying heavy construction equipment attempted to cross the bridge on Dhapa-Milam Road in the Lilam Johar Valley. The region is nestled at the bottom of the Himalayas and sparsely populated, locals quickly helping the driver and passenger of the truck.

It is not known how far the truck has fallen. The video above opens with the truck slowly entering the deck, carrying a sliding shovel with another person walking some distance behind. The bridge swings slightly when the truck is moving, but everything seems fine until the left side of the bridge suddenly breaks down. The exact failure is unknown, but he slides the truck to the side before the bridge buckles in the middle.

Specific throat or fall details are not available. Judging from the video, the truck appears to have fallen about 30 feet. Surprisingly, he remained standing on the twisted deck, although the charger he was carrying was dislodged. A rapid stream at the bottom of the throat can be seen in the video, which makes the fall even more perilous.

The truck was carrying the compact loader for use on a 65-kilometer (40.4-mile) highway construction project, connecting the small town of Milam to regions near the Chinese border. A bridge failure like this is never a good thing, but all things considered, it could certainly have been much worse.

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