Swoopy Kia Electric SUV Spied With Heavy Camouflage

Swoopy Kia Electric SUV Spied With Heavy Camouflage

11. This is the number of electric vehicles that Kia will introduce globally by the middle of the decade in various market segments, including SUVs, minivans and other body styles. An EV will be scheduled to be released in Europe next year, sitting on a new platform designed for zero emission vehicles.

The EV in question promises to offer a range of more than 500 kilometers (311 miles, probably based on WLTP) and to support “a charging time at high speed less than 20 minutes”. While Kia did not disclose the identity of its new electric vehicle, it said it would take the form of a crossover that “blurs the lines between sport utility and utility vehicles”. Today, our spies may have caught him being tested in Europe.

It seems to be one of those low-slung SUVs (yes, it’s an oxymoron) beaten with the stick cut, similar to the swoopy Imagine and Futuron concepts introduced by Kia last year. We are tempted to believe that it has more in common with the latter, but with a conventional five-door layout rather than the two huge split scissor doors of the Futuron.

The heavy camouflage indicates that we are currently examining a prototype carrying the production body, which would make sense given that the electric SUV will be released in 2021. The additional disguise on the door handles suggests that the vehicle could bypass the traditional configuration and opt for electronics retractable handles, which will probably become more common for better aerodynamics. The door handles do not seem to protrude from the body at all, thus reinforcing our intuition the EV has recessed handles.

Kia’s existing electric vehicles, as well as the 11 additional vehicles planned for the coming years, are part of the company’s goal of achieving annual sales of 500,000 electric vehicles by 2026. These will provide load capacity of 400 V or 800 V and will be distributed over several market segments to adapt to different budgets and customer preferences.

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