Surprise! Mystery Auction Winner For McLaren Condor RV Revealed

Our friends at Bring a trailer often have some of the weirdest and coolest cars for sale on the internet. The automotive auction center continued this trend with the recent listing of a 1972 Ford Condor RV which, believe it or not, has a crazy history on the racetrack.

No, the orange Papaya 28ft coach is not a sleeper racing car, but it served as a ground support truck for McLaren races throughout the 1970s. This makes it the perfect fit for the new owner of the RV, McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown. The company’s racing director secretly made a bid and won the auction several weeks ago for a fraction of the cost of a new McLaren: $ 32,500.

Talk to, Brown said: “People who know me know that I love the history of our great sport and in particular McLaren. When I stumbled across the RV on Bring A Trailer I just had to have it, so I asked my buddy Alan Gow to make an offer for me… and his instructions were not to stop until what you earn!

Brown fell in love with the platform for obvious reasons, including its incredibly detailed McLaren history. Check out the contemporary rug and the super cool green and brown upholstery. There is a full kitchen area with a sink, refrigerator, four-burner stove and oven. Not to mention a separate bathroom area with toilet and shower. The rear area of ​​the motorhome features a fold-down bed, which sits atop a team meeting area, with individual cup holders.

McLaren is known to preserve its history better than most automakers, and this RV is no exception. It includes binders filled with old timing sheets from major races like the 1978 Long Beach Grand Prix, as well as a copy of RV Magazine who introduced the coach.

Brown intends to keep the RV in working order as well, revealing, “I plan to give it a very smooth makeover and it will become my RV at Indycar races, so you won’t want to miss it!” We can’t wait to see Brown and his new track home at races in the future.

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