Supercar Blondie Tours Over-The-Top Maybach Pullman Limo

Mercedes-Benz is working on the new generation S-Class and we should see it in its entirety soon enough. This means that in a few years, there will be new Maybach and Pullman versions of the car, which will play the role of leader in the S-Class family. Until then, what better way to prepare for the new luxury sedan than taking a look at its most expensive current variant?

Blondie Supercar takes us on a tour around the Maybach Pullman limousine in his latest video. It could very well be the most luxurious and opulent vehicle in production with a length of 6.5 meters and a huge V12 engine under the hood. It may almost look like an ordinary S-Class, but the truth is, it’s so different.

The video shows us some of the sedan’s interior features, including its Rolls-Royce-style automatic doors, side curtains and the small refrigerator large enough for three bottles of champagne. We were very impressed with the special cupholders for champagne glasses so that you do not spill this dear Dom Pérignon everywhere.

If you take a look outside, it’s a very elegant and even understated sedan. There’s a massive chrome grille on the front with vertical struts inspired by a striped suit and 20-inch alloy wheels with the same 10-hole design familiar to fans of the old and new Maybach brand . These may seem a little too small for the size of the car, but we are confident that they provide the most comfortable ride.

This particular example is on sale in Dubai. It is a 2016 model but has never been driven, so it is brand new. The asking price is $ 870,000, which is much less than the Guard bulletproof version, which can go up to almost $ 2 million.

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