Supercar Blondie Samples A Convincing Jimny Brabus G-Class Clone

You know everything about the Suzuki Jimny and chances are you will love it. The brave little off-roader is beyond popularity in markets outside of North America, to the point where you can’t even buy a new one right now. This means that people looking for a square SUV are forced to spend a lot more money on a Mercedes G-Class. This tuned model from Brabus is a little different, however. Hey, wait a hell of a minute here!

This flashy white SUV badged with Brabus is not what it seems, in more ways than one. For starters, it’s actually a Suzuki Jimny and if the two-door configuration didn’t immediately warn you, Blondie Supercar going out and keeping level with the roof should have been the key. The popular YouTuber slipped behind the wheel of this non-Jimny Jimny in Dubai, where she had the opportunity to line it up next to a real G-Class for comparison. The thing is, this Jimny isn’t a real Brabus either.

The origin of this very convincing body kit is not known, but the video explains that Brabus does not do not edit Suzukis. That said, the detail of this false Brabus conversion is extraordinary. The clip takes us through the transformation of the Jimny and practically every aspect on the outside is a dead ring for the beefy Brabus 800. The Jimny even wears slightly misleading biturbo V8 and 800 badges despite its original 1.5 liter engine under the hood. Obviously, the power is not even close to 800, but apparently, the group behind this fake Brabus will install a turbo upgrade to give the Jimny 200 hp.

We’ve seen many Jimny body kits that mimic the appearance of the much larger G-Class, but we’ve never seen a Brabus clone made with that much detail. The interior also gets a facelift, although Jimny’s layout for the dashboard remains intact. Honestly, by looking at it at a glance on the road, we can easily see anyone who confuses it with the real deal.

The question remains, however – is it a cool custom Jimny or a poseurmobile taken too far? Let us know your thoughts, readers.

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