Supercar Blondie Inspects Rolls-Royce Cullinan Toy Car That Costs VW Golf R Money

Rolls-Royce recently entered the toy industry in a way that only the famous luxury brand could have done. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan’s 1: 8 scale model starts at $ 17,000, and customer customization can take the figure much higher. The one in this video from Blondie Supercar costs $ 40,000, and a person could take this high price even higher.

Blondie Supercar first open the back of the Cullinan and remove the remote control from the model. It controls all the lights of the car outside and inside and opens the hood to allow a preview of the scale version of the V12 engine.

According to Blondie Supercar, the model contains more than 1,000 handmade components. Even virtually hidden areas like the rear HVAC controls on the console between the front seats have teeth embellishments. The construction of each model requires more than 450 man hours, which means that the small crossover requires more time to assemble than reality.

Rolls-Royce intends that Cullinan customers buy the scale model corresponding to their crossover. To facilitate this, the company offers the smaller version in any color that a person can get on the real thing. The same goes for interior finishes, including small details like embroidery headrests and seams. Except for being able to drive, the Cullinan 1: 8 has almost everything you’ll find on a big one. This is similar to what companies like Amalgam offer.

The Cullinan model rests on a shiny black base and there is a transparent display case that goes above. It even has a removable window to allow you to access the car without removing the entire cover.

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