Strange Bugatti Chiron Spied With Curious Styling Cues

Bugatti keeps things interesting by doing countless iterations of its hypercars, ranging from unique color combinations to the addition of various performance components. These photos suggest that the brand has a new version of the Chiron in development, but its identity is currently a mystery.

This Chiron has a front part very similar to the Super Sport 300+. There are larger entrances to the fairing before the other variants of the hypercar, and the outer sections have sharp edges. The range of holes on the top of the wings is also a style benchmark directly from Super Sport.

On the back there are components that look like the Chiron Pur Sport. Two massive oval-shaped exhausts emerge from the center. Unlike Pur Sport, the rooms here are fully open, rather than having 3D printed titanium covers on the outside.

Both variants have a large diffuser. However, the layout of these photos is slightly different by having a more rounded shape for the bodywork.

The fixed wing of Pur Sport is absent from this vehicle. The spy shots show the active wing deployed and folded back into the body.

There is a rumor that Bugatti is working on a unique Chiron roadster, but we are almost sure it is not that, because there is a fixed roof. So what is this vehicle? The brand could work on a sportier version of Pur Sport. Remove the wing, soften the suspension and add some comfort to the cabin. Giving this variant the nose of the Super Sport 300+ would further differentiate the new model from other versions.

Like the name, there is no information on when this version of the Chiron could debut. Looking at the calendar of automotive events for the rest of the year, there aren’t many places for a physical unveiling due to cancellations surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic. This means that the former may have to happen online.

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