Speeding BMW Driver Pays 75x The Normal Fine For Giving Middle Finger

The highway is widely regarded as the holy grail of high-speed driving without breaking the law, as it is essentially the only public road in the world where you can push your car to the max without risking a massive fine. However, there is a common misconception about the glorious German Autobahn, as many believe it is completely devoid of speed limits. In short, it is not.

The driver of a second-generation BMW X5 learned this the hard way by entering a section of the freeway without considering the speed limit. Caught by radar 11 km / h (7 mph) above the 70 km / h (44 mph) limit, the 26-year-old SUV driver would normally have received an easily manageable € 20 fine .

In the end, that was not the case, as he ended up with a massive € 1,500 fine after sending the proverbial bird back to the radar. Oberfranken local police were clearly not satisfied with the driver’s obscene gesture and filed a complaint against him for insulting the authorities. The Kulmbach District Court multiplied the fine 75 times and imposed a one-month driving ban for his rude behavior.

He obviously got what he deserved and it can be assumed that he will obey the speed limits in the future or at least think twice before mocking the authorities.

While the highway remains a fast-moving haven with no possibility of ending up in jail, there have been several attempts in recent times to impose restrictions. Last year, a political party proposed a limit of 130 km / h not only for the famous highway, but also for other roads. This did not happen because the majority of the German parliament, the Bundestag, voted against.

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