Skoda Enyaq Coupe spy photo

Skoda Enyaq GT ‘Coupe’ Makes Surprising Spy Photo Debut

Remember when body style names had meaning? Nowadays, automakers tend to bastard the term “coupe” and apply it to sedans, sedans and even SUVs. Skoda is no different, having introduced a Kodiaq GT in China where a Kamiq GT is also available as a small coupe-SUV.

Prepare for a third because our spies have stumbled upon a prototype of the Enyaq “coupe”. The official model name is not known at this time, but if it sounds like the two Chinese SUVs, it could end up being called Enyaq GT. Skoda hasn’t said anything about giving its electric SUV a coupe-influenced derivative, so these spy shots are a bit of a surprise.

However, we probably should have seen this one coming taking into account the mechanically linked VW ID.4, which will also spawn a ‘coupe’ variant. The Enyaq GT is expected to look the same as the regular model up to the B-pillar, with the biggest changes occurring in the rear section where the zero-emission SUV will feature a steeper roofline ending in a sportier tail end.

After seeing the aforementioned Kodiaq GT and Kamiq GT, we already have a good idea of ​​what the swoopy Enyaq is hiding under the camouflage. You can already see that it has a smaller greenhouse due to the sloping roof and it lacks the rear spoiler from the standard model. The coupe-esque roof might make the SUV look better (though some would disagree), but it likely takes a toll on practicality by eating away at rear head height and cargo capacity.

As with virtually all coupe SUVs, the Enyaq GT will likely command a premium over the regular version of Skoda’s first electric SUV. It will be the same story with the two VW ID.4 models as well as the more sophisticated Audi Q4 E-Tron and Q4 E-Tron Sportback on the same MEB platform developed exclusively for electric vehicles.

Our spies have it in good faith that the official premiere is set to take place in November, which makes sense given that these prototypes looked almost ready to lose their disguise. You will notice that one of the test vehicles did not have a rear wiper, which gave it a cleaner rear design at the expense of practicality, as this wiper can be useful on days rain.

Although our spies couldn’t take a peek inside, we expect the cabin to be virtually transferred from the conventional-style Enyaq. Skoda could spice it up with different toppings and toppings, but nothing fancy. The hardware will likely be the same, including five power outputs, three battery sizes, a choice of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, topped off by a spicy RS model with 302 horsepower and 460 Newton-meters (340 pound-feet ) with pressure .

If the November unveiling rumor is correct, deliveries to customers are expected to begin at some point in 2021.

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