Shmee150 Unleashes Koenigsegg Agera One of 1 On Unrestricted Autobahn

Shmee150 has access to amazing vehicles on a regular basis, but even he is impressed with the opportunity to drive the Koenigsegg Agera One of 1. There is even an opportunity to take him on an unrestricted section of motorway for a big drive. speed.

The One of 1 was part of the Koenigsegg series of the Agera “Final” editions. It debuted at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show with custom touches like a rear venturi with adjustable fins, a huge rear wing and a 3D printed titanium tailpipe. Power came from a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 producing 1,360 horsepower (1,015 kilowatts) and 1,011 pound-feet (1,371 Newton-meters) of torque.

When Shmee hits the road, it’s immediately clear that the Agera One of 1 isn’t the type of supercar that can double as a daily driver. The engine is incredibly loud in the cabin, and the noise only increases as the speed increases. Visibility to the outside is also very limited without a rear view mirror and low roof.

Additionally, Shmee’s cameras vibrate violently once he hits the freeway, even when he is moving at normal speeds. When he steps on the pedal, the cacophony of the engine and road noise is overwhelming. With the traffic out of the way, it is able to take the Koenigsegg in excess of 186 miles per hour (300 kilometers per hour). Opportunities to drive an Agera don’t come very often, so Shmee turns around and again goes over 186 mph going the other way.

After appreciating the Agera’s performance, Shmee shows up at a Koenigsegg event where several of the brand’s vehicles are on display. Even the four-seater 1,700 horsepower (1,268 kW) Gemera is there and shows off its power-operated scissor doors and tiny, functional luggage space.

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