Shmee150 Gets Exclusive First Look At Controversial Le Mansory

Earlier this week, Mansory, the company known for its sense of wild style, unveiled Le Mansory, a completely reworked Ford GT. No panel is original, giving the Ford supercar a wider position, a crazier appearance, a reworked interior and more power. The latest video from Shmee150 not only allows viewers to take a close look at the car, but it also takes it for a drive, offering many opportunities to hear the engine tuned with its revised exhaust.

The Mansory, of which Mansory will only build three, retains the elegant silhouette of the GT, but there are many changes to differentiate it visually from the ordinary car. There is a new front end with new headlights, a unique checkered carbon fiber and the special paint color Bleurion Race. At the rear, two exhaust pipes are replaced by three while Mansory replaces the active rear spoiler with a fixed gooseneck.

Inside, Mansory installed new seats, a new steering wheel and many brands. Some trim pieces are also painted blue. The company also moved the car’s on / off button from the center console to the roof. It’s still a sparse interior, although it looks more upscale than in the classic GT.

When Shmee150 starts the car, he notes that he can instantly feel more vibration than in his own GT. Mansory vilified the engine management system, helping the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 produce 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts) and 620 foot-pounds (840 Newton meters) of torque. The storage plant produces 647 hp (483 kW) and 550 lb-ft (746 Nm). The maximum speed of the car goes from 216 miles per hour (348 kilometers per hour) to 220 mph (354 km / h).

Mansory’s style has always been controversial, and Le Mansory is no different. It’s a very loaded design with sharp edges, rounded corners and many floor effects that spice up the look. Not everyone will like it, but we have no doubt that everyone will find a buyer.

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