Shmee Drives The Loudest Lamborghini Aventador SV In The World

In the world of car enthusiasts, is there an engine that is too loud? The context certainly counts here – there’s probably not a big push to hear the old Chevy Iron Duke four-pot at low revs with open exhaust. The 6.5-liter Lamborghini V12, however, is the automotive equivalent of an all-star benefit concert at Wembley. Still, it’s possible this particular Lambo could take it to the extreme.

In this latest video from Shmee150, the sound of the engine is at the center of the discussion. Or rather, it is the focal point of the shoutingbecause the car in question is a Lamborghini Aventador SV fitted with the Volcano Flametador exhaust system from Frequency Intelligent Exhaust. Yes, that’s the real name because let’s be honest – the sound hits you like a volcano, and pipes love to shoot flames with revs and downshifts. It has adjustable valves for noise control, but even with the valves closed, this thing is incredibly loud.

The Lambo in question is part of Instagrammer GerCollector stable, but Shmee doesn’t just spend time outside the car. The video is an epic adventure in the life of a supercar in which the ultra-loud Aventador is actually used as the delivery vehicle. It turns out that the Lambo frunk perfectly accommodates a Tubi exhaust system for a Ferrari F40 which is also part of this car collection.

The Ferrari is being rebuilt, and Shmee drives the Aventador – with a McLaren Senna chase car for the trip – through various stretches of the German autobahn to see the dismantled F40. As such, there are plenty of opportunities to hear the Aventador’s glorious V12 driving through the rev range.

And yes, this car is noisy. In fact, it’s so loud that we wonder how it’s even legal on the road. Shmee almost seems to be in pain at times and even dons a helmet at the end of the video to help dampen the noise during some garage acceleration. He admits at one point that it’s silly, but it’s also “so much fun”. It also insightfully points out that noises like this will soon be a thing of the past, at least for new cars. The naturally aspirated Lambo is an old school supercar, but with hybrid and EV technology spreading through the supercar ranks, the days of the ear bleeding V12s are surely numbered.

Still, that doesn’t mean a classic can’t be pulled out of the garage for a jaunt into the past. But if it’s a Lambo with a bonkers exhaust setup, you might want to consider hearing protection before you go.

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