Shmee Drives The Fastest Front-Wheel-Drive Car At The Nurburgring

Since its inception in 1995, the Mégane has always been a sensible family car representing good value for money for those looking to buy an affordable and reliable compact vehicle. At the same time, the French automaker with the diamond logo tried to woo enthusiasts with the hot hatchback RS model. The Trophy-R variant represents a hardcore version of an already hardcore car, and the Nürburgring Record Pack takes it one step further.

YouTuber Shmee150 got to get behind the wheel of the bonkers hatchback in all its two-seater glory. This is just one of 32 cars ever made for the UK market out of a total of 500 units. In fact, it’s actually one of only two British-spec cars fitted with the Brembo carbon-ceramic gold brakes, making it possibly the rarest Megane of them all.

At £ 72,140 ($ 94,174 at current exchange rates), it certainly doesn’t come cheap. That’s the price to pay for owning the fastest front-wheel-drive production car at the Nürburgring. It circled the Green Hell in 7 minutes and 40.1 seconds thanks to many improvements over the already intense Trophy-R.

The biggest change is the massive 130 kilograms (287 pounds) weight loss, achieved by installing carbon fiber wheels and removing the rear seat as well as rear wheel steering. To better understand how extreme the diet was, Renault even reduced the size of the touchscreen and installed a lighter loading mat while removing the parcel shelf.

You can easily tell that the Akrapovič exhaust is quite loud as there are times when we can barely understand what Shmee Is saying. As impressive and engaging as the Megane RS Trophy-R Nürburgring disc pack is, its exorbitant price tag makes it a tough sell. That’s especially true when you compare it to the significantly cheaper Alpine A110, a mid-engined rear-drive coupe that uses the same 1.8-liter turbocharged gasoline engine as the Renault.

On the other hand, those who want to experience the maximum potential of the Mégane platform and worry about Nürburgring lap times will want it. With only 500 cars slated for the entire world, collectors are also likely interested in what is indeed France’s ultimate hot hatch.

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