Shift Talkers Series Premiere on the MotorTrend App, Hosted by Jeff Glucker

It’s partly trivia, partly hijinks and all fun. His Shift Talkers, a brand new show just launched on the MotorTrend app featuring personalities from across the automotive spectrum who compete to see who can impress host Jeff Glucker and outdo themselves – all for nothing .

OK, that is not entirely true. There are bragging rights involved since Glucker, a seasoned automotive journalist and founder of, distributes “tours” to each publisher who best brings noise and knowledge to a wide range of automotive topics.

The first panel includes the hero of the hot rodding and the superstar of the Roadkill franchise, David Freiburger; KJ Jones, Senior Editor-in-Chief of MotorTrend Group and Diesel Truck Expert and Mustang Editor-in-Chief Jalopnik, slow car lover and author of “Robot, get behind the wheel: the road to autonomous cars and the lost art of driving, Jason Torchinsky; and Tim Stevens, journalist and editor-in-chief at the CNET Roadshow.

The subjects of the first episode were as varied as the panel, with questions and discussions ranging from how long you should keep a car, to the benefits of a Chevy LS engine swap, to opinions on what electric cars must be exciting. If you’re Torchinsky, you want to see them sparkle on the back and throw Tesla coil arcs onto the strip. Not a bad idea – give this man a ride or two, Glucker. Later, it was the editor’s time with a series of guessing photos (Freiburger has a big miss here) and an incredible chase scene you have to see to believe.

“From a production / presentation point of view, Shift Talkers takes a fairly large page from ESPN Forgive the interruptionand I appreciate the way the format is applied to the automotive / truck hobby, “said Jones.” It doesn’t really matter a person’s favorite segment of the automotive hobby – I think all gearboxes will enjoy this show! “

Each week, Glucker will welcome a new group of reducers to talk shop and shop. So if you’re ready for wacky and quirky jokes on the automotive theme, be sure to log in – you can even learn a few things along the way, like what revolutionized the steam car. Classify it under things that only Torchinsky would know.

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