Shelby Mustang GT350 On Flex Fuel Gains 50 Wheel Horsepower

For Shelby GT350 owners looking to get even more power from their sensational Voodoo V8 engine without the need for complicated mods, the team at Livernois Motorsports has you covered. In a recent article on Muscle Cars & Trucks, the song Shelby GT350 E85 from Livernois Motorsports was presented with impressive results. With a simple adjustment of the ECU and E85 fuel in the tank, proven gains of more than 50 horsepower are possible.

As for the Shelby GT350, the star of the show is the 5.2 liter flat crank V8 of the GT350 which turns at a red line at 8250 rpm and produces 526 horsepower. This perfect combination of noise and performance makes the GT350 one of the largest naturally aspirated cars on sale today, and a standard bearer for a dying breed of naturally aspirated V8 vehicles with manual transmission. There are faster and more powerful Mustangs, but the noise and sensations produced by the GT350 make it a unique vehicle and a true driver’s car.

With the unique air of Livernois Motorsports and E85 in the tank, GT350 owners have the opportunity to gain significant gains without the need for costly and invasive modifications. The E85 allows tuners to be more aggressive with their songs thanks to the E85’s resistance to premature detonation. If you can’t find E85, the Livernois Motorsports melody can handle mixtures of octane E85 and 93, or only 93 octane. This is a win-win situation because you can get more power when possible, but still enjoy your GT350 when you can’t find an E85 station.

The GT350 is not the most powerful Mustang on sale today, but this special engine is the last of its kind and a modern legend. Since emission regulations are tightening their grip on auto industry engines like this, this is simply not possible, which means we need to take advantage of it while we can and a little E85 goes very far.

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