See The Differences Between $1,000 And $8,000 Recaro Seats

See The Differences Between $1,000 And $8,000 Recaro Seats

If you ask most people what modifications they would like to make to their vehicle if money was not an issue, it is likely that some aftermarket seats are not on this list. For all engine mods, suspension upgrades, reflashing computers and aftermarket wheels, most people often overlook something as simple as a comfortable, comfortable and well-made seat. Recaro, a German company that has existed since 1906, is present in a myriad of applications where people have to take care of their butts. Plane? Yes. Game chairs? Absolutely. Cars, baby seats and strollers? Of course.

In fact, Recaro has been a leading manufacturer of aftermarket seats for decades now, even being exploited by manufacturers as OEM suppliers for their performance vehicles. Recaro also happens to be huge in Japan, so much so that they actually have exclusively Japanese models in their lineup; and they are not cheap. So who could explain the nuances of these exclusive models better than the guys behind JDM Masters? This video takes us on a virtual tour of ASM Yokohama and its Recaro seating section.

As with all Recaro, the way the spine is supported is important. The spine should always keep its position as if you were standing, lumbar support being a main feature of all Recaros. The seats vary wildly for the Japanese market, and you can even get a luxury seat to replace the seats in a minivan. Then you have semi-aggressive seats with reinforcement with different levels of suede and leather applications.

As the price goes up, you also get more features, such as nicer leather, electronically adjustable positions, an inflatable lumbar support for the perfect setting, and even heating and a fan function. The most expensive option is around $ 8,000 and is actually a carbon fiber tub which happens to have comfortable seats thanks to the leather and other adjustments you would find in a conventional seat. In essence, it’s super light but super comfortable, so you get the best of both worlds. Watch the video to learn more about Recaros and why Japan always gets all the right things.

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