See Lamborghini Urus Drag Race Jeep Trackhawk For SUV Supremacy

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk was until recently the most powerful SUV in the world. He was dethroned earlier this month by the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat by only 3 American horses, racing a colossal 710 horses. Still, 707 hp of the supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 is not to be sneezed. You have enough for your money considering the starting price of $ 87,645, especially since it contains more punch than an SUV with a sticker price of $ 222,004.

We are talking about the Lamborghini Urus with its “only” 641 horses from the Bolognese team of Sant’Agata. Hennessey had the opportunity to line them both up as a full stock for a few drag races and see how these huge output numbers translate into real life. Keep in mind that while the Trackhawk has a 69 horsepower advantage, it should also carry around 513 pounds (233 kilograms) more than the Italian Super SUV.

Although the Jeep has an additional 18 pound-feet of torque (24 Newton meters), it is also less aerodynamic than the Lamborghini and it becomes progressively more important at higher speeds. The Trackhawk had a better start in the first drag race, but the rabid bull on stilts managed to catch up and win. They were pretty much shoulder to shoulder throughout the second drag race, with the Lambo finally crossing the finish line first.

Some would argue that paying $ 134,000 more to get the Urus on the Trackhawk is not worth it given that there was very little in between in drag racing. However, these tests don’t really tell the whole story, as the performance isn’t just about the quarter mile. Beyond power and speed, there is also the question of build quality, technology, refinement and luxury – areas where there are obvious differences between the two. As you have to consider, the Lambo costs about two and a half times more than the Jeep.

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Hennessey says he will modify the two SUVs, with the Trackhawk receiving the 1,200 horsepower package and the Urus expected to receive a slight boost in power.

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