Ferrari SF90 Stradale

See Ferrari SF90 Stradale Warp Spacetime In Bonkers Acceleration Run

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is a fantastic machine. Some would say it is better than that, and with a powertrain developing 986 horsepower (735 kilowatts), they would be well supported. Others might think it’s worse because, in its quest for speed, the SF90 Stradale uses prolific electrification. Whatever side of the argument you’re landing on, there’s no denying that this hypercar is very, very quick.

This came to life in the video above, which features a short sprint in an SF90 Stradale. In this case, we mean short in terms of time, because it absolutely goes from a stop at 200 km / h (124 mph) faster than most cars can reach half that speed. The clip does not offer specific synchronization during this acceleration race, but our wheelchair stopwatch technique returned a time of 0 to 100 km / h (0 to 62 mph) of 2.3 seconds. The 200 km / h mark occurred in just 6.5 seconds. Both statistics are faster than Ferrari’s official claim of 2.5 seconds and 6.7 seconds, respectively.

It should be noted that our time is by no means scientific. Besides, all the mechanical timing of this car will be extremely difficult because, well, you just have to look at the speedometer. With all-wheel drive gripping the curb and the launch control system using maximum power, the speed clicks up at an astounding rate. The SF90 Stradale is the most powerful road Ferrari of all time, and it’s fast enough to withstand any production car that money can buy.

And not to forget, this prancing horse also works with a certain efficiency. With two electric motors driving the front wheels, this rechargeable hybrid can run on pure electricity at speeds of up to 84 mph and over a distance of 15 miles. A third electric motor between the engine and the transmission brings the combined electric power to 217 hp.

That leaves the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 of the SF90 to make the difference. It produces 769 hp the old-fashioned way – singing a high-revving Italian V8 tune that would make Enzo proud.

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