Russian UAZ Truck With Glow In The Dark Paint Looks Surreal

At this point we have come to expect the unexpected from Garage 54. The crazy Russian boutique has done a bit of everything in the automotive field, from building crazy eight-wheel hatchbacks to energetically washing an interior with enough soap to clean an aircraft carrier. Usually, lovemaking involves some kind of automobile destruction, but we are once again surprised. This time the crew correct somethingand it looks pretty cool. But you know it can’t be that simple.

The starting point for this latest video is a brave UAZ all-terrain vehicle. The old Russian SUV has certainly seen better days, so the crew removes rust, fills in bumps and refines the body in preparation for a new coat of paint. This is where things get crazy.

The hook of this article is already revealed by our title and our main photo, but what is surprising is how Ordinary the UAZ watches in broad daylight. Yes, it definitely stands out with a bright yellow exterior and a contrasting black on the pillars. In fact, we think it’s a lot brighter in person than videos, but still looks like a cool, personalized all-terrain vehicle. The base layer is a shade of lemon yellow, but then it is topped with a layer of Neon Green Glitter that you don’t really see until the lights go out.

This is the glow-in-the-dark component of this project, and after sitting in the sun for much of the day, the finish is loaded with all kinds of energy to radiate quite dramatically in the dark . The finish is even sensitive enough to respond instantly to flashlights, allowing people to literally write on the UAZ with pure light. How cool is that?

Apparently there are more plans for this UAZ. Robust fenders, a lift and big tires are coming, but we really want to see what this thing looks like on a trail at night with blinding off-road lights feeding this radioactive exterior. Yeah let’s watch Garage 54’s YouTube channel very closely in the coming weeks for follow-ups on this one.

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