Russian ‘Scientists’ Find Out If Car Explosions In Movies Are Fake

Russian ‘Scientists’ Find Out If Car Explosions In Movies Are Fake

Friends, we have shocking news to share with you. Sometimes the movies and TV shows you watch are not entirely true to reality. It’s tragic to learn that there aren’t really superheroes with flying armor, or that cars can’t really jump between skyscrapers. Sometimes the truth hurts, but hey, it’s life.

Fortunately, we have the Garage 54 team to soften the blow on this common faux pas of the Hollywood explosion. It is at this point that we must definitely give up Don’t try this at home slogan. This experiment was conducted in a remote training area for obvious reasons, including petrol and fire having an explosive relationship. This is especially true when it comes to gasoline vapor, which we’ll cover in a bit more detail.

The main mission here is to see if the slightest trace of flame around the gasoline causes instantaneous and dramatic explosions. Yes, we all know that gasoline can most certainly create massive fireballs, but is it really that easy? The Garage 54 team opens up the experience with the classic Hollywood trick of placing a burning cigarette on a floor soaked in gas. In short, nothing happens and in fact, a used cigar is in fact extinct.

However, the use of a lighter gives a result. There is no explosion, but a trail of gasoline on the ground eventually turns into a minor flame. With this part of the promising experience, things then move to the Lada which is partially filled with petrol in its tank. A long trail of fuel is lit on the ground, and when the flame reaches the Lada, all hell is unleashed. By this we mean that the car simply burns down. Slowly.

By now, everyone should know that this explosive nature of gasoline does not come from liquid, but from steam and, above all, steam under pressure. Being only partially supplied, the Lada’s tank should have been full of steam. However, almost all cars built in the past 40 years have an evaporation system that keeps the pressure from reaching a critical point. Of course, under the right conditions, you can get a huge gas explosion from a car. But an occasional cigarette cop – or even an open flame – will almost never lead to such a conflagration.

Instead, you will watch a Lada burn slowly as we see in this video. And although it looks like this car is really dead, the Garage 54 team has another mission in mind for that. Can this burnt Lada really be resurrected? Look for this in a future video.

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