Rolls-Royce Enters the SUV World with the Cullinan

Rolls-Royce Enters the SUV World with the Cullinan

Rolls-Royce has been known for its highly luxurious and notoriously expensive vehicles. The BMW subsidiary has produced outstanding cars in the past like the Silver Shadow and Silver Sprint. The Wraith, Ghost, and Phantom are all popular cars to see on today’s luxury market as well. But one type of vehicle that Rolls-Royce has never produced is the SUV. But that all changes as Rolls-Royce is introducing the Cullinan.

The Cullinan is the first ever SUV made by Rolls-Royce, not to mention the first vehicle from the company to feature all-wheel drive. The vehicle gets its name from the Cullinan diamond, the largest uncut diamond ever found. The vehicle will cost $325,000, a total less than what the Phantom is for but also more expensive than the Ghost.


An Intense Engine

Rolls-Royce is known for producing some of the most powerful and elaborate engines in the world. The Cullinan is no exception to this. The turbocharged V12 in the Cullinan provides more power than anything you might expect.

The turbocharged V12 engine is a N74B68 model. It was designed as an exclusive model for the Phantom and has made its way to the Cullinan. Designed by BMW, this is a twin-turbo model.

The engine runs on 6,749 cc and produces 665 lb-ft of torque. The powerful design is suitable for handling all terrain.


The all-wheel drive feature is a permanent point on the Cullinan. The vehicle can handle any type of driving surface. Even with that, you might not want to go offroad when you consider the beautiful physical body of the vehicle.

The General Body

The body of the Cullinan features an aluminum body that uses minimal support for keeping its frame intact. The lightweight chassis is important, as it helps to keep the weight down on a vehicle that already has a massive engine. Specifically, the engine has a weight of about 5,800 pounds.

The classy body includes the distinct and unique front grille and the two-R label. The beautiful black coloring adds an outstanding look to produce a beautiful style. Don’t forget about the famous Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament; the decoration can retract into the vehicle’s body when the car is not in motion. You could even order a gold-plated version of the ornament, although that piece would definitely cost more money to get than what you might expect.

How the Transmission Works

An automatic transmission is included so you won’t have to shift gears all the time when driving. With a V12 engine, it is no surprise that the Cullinan would include an automatic transmission that works for a while.

The eight-speed automatic transmission provides you with a powerful body that keeps you moving fast. The automatic transmission shifts well to help you go places, a point that is important when you consider how strong the engine is.

Suspension Adjusting Feature

You can go a little faster when the proper suspension control system is utilized in the vehicle. The suspension works with the Flagbearer system. The design uses a front camera around the windscreen that identifies the road in front of you. The design adjusts the suspension based on the road layout. The design works to improve upon the quality of the ride. The design works at speeds up to 62 miles per hour.

The four-wheel steering setup also provides you with a stable ride in all cases. You can maneuver the vehicle well at low speeds too.

What About the Inside?

The inside part of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan will provide you with a comfortable ride that is relaxing. You will find multi-zone climate control support alongside a chrome accent on the steering wheel and dashboard.

The back seat includes some personal monitoring computers that come out from the back parts of the front seats. The design provides a comfortable layout that offers details on everything that works inside the vehicle. A multi-speaker stereo system is also included for producing a vibrant sound that adds a special setup.

Can You See It?

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan will be a very interesting luxury SUV for people to explore. You can request a viewing of the Cullinan at your local Rolls-Royce dealer when it is available in 2019, but be advised that Rolls-Royce dealers do not allow viewings to just anyone. You may be screened to see if you are serious about buying the vehicle. Also, you might be asked to provide financial confirmation to show that you can afford to buy a vehicle such as this. Besides, there’s a reason why Rolls-Royce dealers don’t have their cars outside their showrooms and that their showrooms feature tinted windows you can’t see through.

The big point about finding the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in the luxury vehicle world is that the Cullinan is very different from what you might expect. You will be impressed with how well the Cullinan is laid out and how you can get this vehicle to start working for your desire. See if you can reserve an appointment to see one, provided you can qualify to see the Cullinan at y

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