Rivian’s R1T EV Truck Is the Unsung Hero of Ewan McGregor’s New TV Show

Rivian’s R1T EV Truck Is the Unsung Hero of Ewan McGregor’s New TV Show

You know the MotorTrend app is completely filled with amazing adventure driving shows such as Dangerous roads and Idris Elba: no limits, right? We think we have the biggest auto shows, but we’re also ready to tell you about some particularly exciting things that are happening outside of the MotorTrend app universe. Take the new Charlie Borman (who is incidentally featured in a Dangerous roads episode) and Ewan McGregor show Long Way Up, a continuation of the fantastic Long road and Long way down mini-series.

The principle has always been a bit the same: put Ewan and Charlie, old friends who love adventure travel, in the back of two huge loaded adventure bikes and send them across the world or across a continent. . Predictably, Long Way Up follows a similar configuration and takes place mainly in South America and Central America. But this time, there’s an electrifying twist.


Sorry, terrible pun. But accurate, since Charlie and Ewan ride modified Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycles. You read that right: boys ditch BMWs for juicy American muscle. It will be interesting to say the least to see what they think of the bikes. Or how many curses will be involved when they have to lift Harleys on the soft stuff.


However, it’s the pursuit vehicles that really grab our attention. Two Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks transported the support team. And a new video from Rivian details some of what it took to make all of this happen. For one thing, Rivian built a transcontinental charging system just for adventure – putting over 200 level 2 chargers along the way. (A few, to be clear, were temporary, but many stay put.) These pre-production vehicles, with a range of around 300 miles thanks to Rivian’s “mid-size” battery option, charged every night along the way. We spoke to Brian Gase, chief special projects engineer at Rivian, who told us that the company has used this reader as a validation exercise. The company has learned a lot about the little things that can happen in the field through experience – bad 12-volt battery connections, frayed steel braided cables that meander through the suspension – and what that really means. servicing trucks in difficult conditions. Luckily for Rivian, both R1Ts completed the trip. This is quite remarkable because the company only had five months to build these two trucks from scratch before both were crated and shipped to South America.

The 13,000 mile trek these Rivians endured would be a monumental journey for any electric vehicle, even a factory backed electric vehicle traversing a specially prepared and planned route. These are the kind of stunts that rugged trucks and SUVs have been doing for ages. It’s a good test of endurance (torture), and also a great PR stunt. Think of all the rallies and expeditions in which Land Rover has always participated. It will be interesting to find out the kinds of things Rivian discovered about his upcoming R1T pickup while taking part in this ambitious adventure.

Long Way Up debuts on Apple TV + on Friday, September 18, with new episodes airing weekly. And don’t forget to come back to the MotorTrend app after you’ve watched for other major auto shows.

Rivian’s R1T EV post truck is the unsung hero of Ewan McGregor’s new TV show that first appeared on MotorTrend.

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