Retro Ford Bronco Renderings Give New Off-Roader Vintage Graphics

Retro Ford Bronco Renderings Give New Off-Roader Vintage Graphics

Looks like the 2021 Ford Bronco will be worthy of the name and badge, following in the footsteps of previous generations capable of off-roading. However, one vintage look that Ford apparently left in the past is the wild retro graphics that the automaker once offered on the SUV. Artist Kevin Foutz, a member of the Ford Bronco 2021 Facebook group, decided to conjure up unofficial renderings of the new Bronco with clean graphics.

The most eye-catching are those that mimic the graphics packages of the late 1970s and early 1980s. At the time, Ford offered a freewheel set consisting of pinstripe graphics along the side of the body, hood. , tailgate and B-pillar. It is often characterized by a mixture of oranges, browns, reds and yellows. Back then, the graphics were often accompanied by other upgrades such as different gauges, a soft steering wheel, fog lights, etc.

The other two retro liveries pay homage to Ford’s Tu-Tone packages ranging from the simple accent strip to the Deluxe and Victoria Tu-Tone packages which added color to the roof, hood and sides of the body, or a another similar combination depending on the year, although the Bronco was extended a bit on the two-door 2021. The other stripes and graphics are much more modern in their execution, the one falling on the front fender before pulling on the side like the side guts of the Mustang Boss 302. The playful entry is the battered rusty livery that seems eager for a starring role in Hollywood’s upcoming apocalyptic blockbuster.

For now, these will remain unofficial renditions of what Ford might offer. Ford plans to offer more than 200 factory-guaranteed accessories when the Bronco launches next spring, but there is no indication that those are retro graphics. However, an aftermarket company could design their own liveries, recreate classic packaging, or invent new ones. The Bronco will likely have a robust aftermarket, and there will be graphics packages and wraps, and we bet some will look vintage.

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