Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche 911 With Molded Wide Fenders Looks Rad

The 1988 911 Targa featured in today’s video is no ordinary Porsche and, through years of tinkering and mods, stands out as a one-of-a-kind build. This unique Targa is known as the Prince of the Eight because it was the 8th Porsche 911 in Canada modified by Akira Nakai, founder of RAUH Welt BEGRIFF (RWB). This expressive Japan-based turner modifies classic Porsche 911s with hand-built fenders and massive wheels and tires to give them a distinct look. The Prince of Eights 911 took this build a step further and is unique among this top level 911.

RWB was created by Akira Nakai who travels the world hand-building unique 911s in the RWB style. This distinct construction is defined by the massive hand-cut and shaped fenders that widen the 911s and give them a presence of their own. Akira Nakai also offers additional modifications such as unique front bumpers, suspension changes and aerodynamic additions to make each build unique. Demand for RWB 911 has exploded recently, as finished examples continue to garner attention online and in person. However, Akira Nakai is just one person who builds these cars one at a time, which means the waiting list stretches out for years.

The Prince of Eights is unique among the RWB 911s because of its molded fenders that blend seamlessly with the body of the 911. Typical RWB 911s feature bolt-on fenders that look aggressive and proudly aftermarket. While the molded flairs of the Prince Eights car almost look like the factory, so Porsche decided to significantly expand their cars in the name of style and grip.

This unique build stands out in an elite crowd of expressive 911 RWBs. The best part about RWB cars is the passionate community around them. These enthusiasts make the RWB 911 community an interesting part of automotive culture and an exciting club that waits many years to join.

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