Pur Sang Type 35 Bugatti Replica Gets Wild In The Streets

At the highest level of auto ownership, it often becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Too often you see Aventadors and McLarens wrapped in gold, but how do you really get to the top? Real estate mogul, oil tanker and YouTuber Manny Khosbin certainly know how, taking a look at a Thoroughbred Type 35 – the company’s near-identical Bugatti replica – in his latest video.

Before you laugh at the disappointment and scream the kit car, listen to us for a minute. As only 40 original Bugatti Type 35 racing cars were made, it is exceptionally difficult and expensive to get your hands on. Besides the rarity, most of the genuine vehicles were driven into the ground on the racetrack while they were still in service.

While it may look like a heritage item, the Pur Sang Type 35 is still exceptionally fast thanks to its freshly built and supercharged 2.3-liter inline-eight engine. Fortunately, the vehicle is not a resto-mod type creation and is built as a faithful replica of the original. Horsepower figures are unknown, but it’s clear the vehicle has more than enough puff to get out of its own way.

Luckily for Khoshbin, the Bugatti is street legal and he’s going to be running it. However, before the fun begins, there are plenty of pre-flight checks that need to be done before starting the French car. After checking the compressor oil, engine oil, and spark plug timing, then priming the fuel pump, the beast comes to life. Since the vehicle doesn’t have pesky mufflers to mute it, it produces a heavy yet sophisticated eight-cylinder roar.

With just a quick rip around the block, it’s clear he’s sold on the French classic – he’s still got enough pizzazz in his step to wow a man who’s driven countless supercars. After discussing the numbers and smoking a cigar with the store owner, we would be very surprised not to see a Thoroughbred Bugatti tribute in Khoshbin’s garage.

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