Possible Ferrari 812 GTO Spied Again On The Streets Of Maranello

A legend roams the streets of northern Italy, in and around a town called Maranello. You may have heard of the place – it’s where an auto company called Ferrari has made their home. In recent months, a grim black car has been sighted on occasion, sometimes followed by whispers of three notable letters – GTO. Now he has been spotted again.

Granted, we are getting a little dramatic here. Yes, YouTuber Varryx caught once again the legendary black Ferrari 812 Superfast, rolling through the streets of Maranello in broad daylight, still as great a mystery as ever. We have these great visuals thanks to the high definition video, but to Ferrari’s credit, the rumor has gone completely silent in terms of the information leak. Is this a prelude to a new version of the dreaded 812? Is this just a test mule for the powertrain or the aero developments? Is this a new GTO? At this point, those in the know don’t even give clues, let alone speak.

Here is what we know. Several cars are spotted in this clip, as we see different registration numbers on the back. They also appear identical to the prototypes identified previously. Compared to the standard 812, the rear diffuser is much larger and in fact the front and rear fairings are different. There are clearly some aerodynamic changes, but the car also gives off a slightly lower exhaust rating. This suggests that there is something different with the big V12 up front, or at least, something different with the piping in the back.

These changes are fueling speculation about the return of the GTO moniker. This is obviously a very special nameplate in Ferrari history, which has only been used three times. The last machine to wear a GTO badge was the 599 over a decade ago, and at the time, Ferrari said it was the fastest road car the company had ever built. The 812 Superfast already boasts 789 horsepower from its fantastic 6.5-liter V12, so it’s not hard to imagine aerodynamic updates and a bit more power for a good GTO.

Of course, this is strictly speculation. Ferrari might have something else in mind with the 812 Superfast which is unrelated to GTO. At the end of the day, we’ll just have to wait until Ferrari is clean and it could happen next week, next year, or if it’s just tech test mules, not at all.

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