Porsche Taycan Electric Sedan Adds Apple Podcast Integration

Apple CarPlay integration has come late on Porsche vehicles compared to other brands, and it looks like the American tech company and the German sports car maker are making up for lost time. The latest connection between the two brands is the Porsche Taycan electric sedan, which now offers Apple Podcast integration, as well as the ability to display song lyrics from Apple Music on its available passenger-side display screen – a boon for in-car karaoke fans.

The setup works in conjunction with the Taycan drivers’ Apple accounts. By logging into their personal Apple ID from the Taycan’s screen, drivers can access their digital library of podcasts and listen to one exactly where they left off.

Frankly, this is kind of an answer to a question nobody asked, as Apple CarPlay integration means Taycan drivers only need to connect their iPhone to the car to access their library anyway. podcasts. That said, people can lose their iPhones or leave them at home or at work and this new native integration ensures that those in the driver’s seat can still listen to their favorite podcasts with or without their device.

Alas, the person in the driver’s seat of the Taycan will find little use in the lyrical integration of Apple Music. This is because the function works exclusively with the optional 10.9-inch passenger-side display screen.

The $ 1,130 option certainly adds a significant sum to the Taycan’s bill, but that is unlikely to make or break the purchase of the EV sports sedan. However, if buyers tick the box on the additional screen, it may now depend on the vocal skills of their potential front passengers.

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