Porsche Panamera Coupe Still Under Consideration As 928 Revival

Rumors of a two-door Panamera have been swirling the internet for over a decade, knowing that we initially got wind of a potential coupe version in April 2009. Fast forward to August 2020, you still won’t. not find a modern 928 at the local Porsche dealership, nor a convertible version that was also believed to be in production.

However, it turns out that Porsche did not give up on the idea of ​​turning the Panamera into a more elegant car at the expense of practicality by getting rid of the rear doors. Speaking to Australian reporters at a virtual conference this week to mark the Panamera’s debut, the model’s product line manager, Thomas Friemuth, had something to say about a successor spiritual 928.

“We haven’t decided yet. So we’re only discussing this topic for several years as you can imagine since other competitors have two-door cars as well. But we’re not ready to decide yet. do or not We have a nice two-door car in our program called 911. [But] We are always looking for new opportunities to get new markets and more customers. I can talk about it when we have the decision – not yet. I have a lot of ideas. “

Transforming the Panamera into a 2 + 2 Grand Tourer would allow Porsche to tackle the new generation BMW 8 Series and Mercedes SL. It would obviously be taller than the 911 and prioritize comfort over a lively drive while offering more cargo capacity and legroom than the Nine Eleven.

Considering that Porsche hasn’t given the model the proverbial green light, it leads us to believe that while the chief honchos will approve the project, it won’t be released in the next three years. Therefore, it would be based on the new generation Panamera, given that the current model has already entered the second phase of its life cycle.

While the Sport Turismo wagon retained the ‘Panamera’ nickname, a two-door coupe (and convertible) would likely adopt an entirely different name. The adjacent coating of almost three years ago proposed the idea of ​​a “929” as an extension of the 928 built between 1977 and 1995.

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