Porsche Celebrates Gay Pride With Rainbow-Colored 911s

Porsche Celebrates Gay Pride With Rainbow-Colored 911s

Porsche is joining this month’s gay pride cultural festival in Germany known as Christopher Street Day. The party takes place every year at the end of July and this year, and Porsche shows its solidarity with the cause by exhibiting six multicolored Porsche 911s, depicting a rainbow that has been a symbol of the pride festivals.

It’s worth noting that Porsche was not the first automaker to express support for the Pride events. Earlier this month, Bentley wrapped its Continental GT V8 with a rainbow theme in support of North West England’s first virtual Pride event. In June, BMW took a similar step and packed an 8 Series Convertible to celebrate LGBTQ + Pride Month in the United States.

Rainbow colored 911 in solidarity with gay pride

During this time of year, millions of people around the world campaign for rights and take a stand against discrimination from the LGBT + community. This fits with the vision of Porsche; the automaker defends openness and diversity.

“We demand and promote equal opportunities and want to enable all Porsche employees to contribute as they are, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation” says Andreas Haffner, member of the Human Resources Executive Board.

Along with the six colorful Porsche 911s, the automaker’s flagpole carries a rainbow flag during the festival weekend. The 911s were parked in the plaza outside the Porsche Museum, while a number of Porsche employees joined the virtual Pride Run – racing distances in brightly colored shirts on their own routes.

Note that Porsche has also taken a position on the issue internally. Three and a half years ago, the Department for Equal Opportunities and Diversity (MEC) was created to promote equal opportunities for all employees of the company.

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