Porsche Cayman Chases Carrera GT At The ‘Ring, Daughter Loves It

We open this article by discussing a potential elephant in the room. Yes, this pilot turns the 12.9-mile Nordschleife section of the Nürburgring with his young daughter with a shotgun. It’s not illegal, and although some may think it’s irresponsible, she’s well tied and dad clearly knows the course. A nice protective helmet for her could be better, but we will stop there because honestly, this clip is absolutely adorable.

The video comes from Robert Mitchell on YouTube, where in addition to the pictures and description of the action, we see several links to people on Apex-Neuburg.com. Guided laps and professional instruction are part of the services there, so yes, we think this little girl is safer here than in a crowded SUV with a frantic parent behind the wheel trying to navigate the 405 around. Los Angeles.

She certainly seems fairly calm as dad tries to follow a Porsche Carrera GT. It’s supposed to be the hook of this clip – a Cayman chasing a 605-horsepower Porsche hypercar around Green Hell. Once you click play, the girl (known as Analiese from the description of the video) steals the show.

Judging by Dad’s very own racing lines and careful restraint in key areas, this is certainly not his first time on the course. Judging by his general non-reactions and insightful comments, this is not his first time either. In fact, Analiese has made more than 250 laps on the track, which is why she is quick on the draw with casual comments while identifying Nordschleife turns. Absolutely. Freaking. Adorable.

Can father and daughter follow their friend in the Carrera GT? Not all Caymans are created equal; we don’t know the flavor of this particular model, but even a GT4 would have a hard time with this business. Ultimately, it totally doesn’t matter because the two clearly have the time of their lives on the track. And that, my friends, is an automatic victory for everyone.

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