Pontiac Fiero Rendering Reimagines The 80s Mid-Engine Sports Car

General Motors abandoned the Pontiac brand at Halloween, 2010, a terrible thing without feast. The Great Recession forced the hand of the automaker, ending the legacy that gave America its first mass-produced mid-engine sports car, the Fiero. Lower reliability and disappointing performance quickly put it aside, but that didn’t limit its popularity. It is therefore not surprising that more than 30 years later, the Fiero still fascinates.

There have been a few renderings of what a Fiero might look like if Pontiac were still around to produce cool cars, and the latest comes from wb.artist20 on Instagram. The original Fiero is typically 80s in style, with its retractable headlights, sharp nose and lots of plastic. It is a car that only the 80s could have produced, and translating these characteristics on a modern vehicle is not easy.

The rendering retains much of the original Fiero style, however, keeping the front end sharp, but replacing the retractable headlights with thin slit units. The angled C-pillar remains, as does the truncated rear end and spoiler, as well as the rear fender trim behind the door. The greenhouse seems to be borrowed from the Camaro, but if the Pontiac Fiero was there today, it would probably borrow from the new C8 Corvette instead.

The red accents at the front of the wide and low grille, as well as those on the leading edge of the front splitter, are nice touches, as are the asymmetrical black stripe and the red accent strip, which are copied to the lower door and the front of the car wings. We can also see clues from the Chevy Monte Carlo.

Pontiac produced nearly 400,000 Fieros between 1984 and 1988, and today the model has a rabid, almost cult following. It is unlikely that we will see the return of the Pontiac brand, which puts any possibility of a Fiero successor in the hands of an alternative universe while we salivate the possibilities.

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