The Volvo P1800 turns 60 next year. One of the company’s most iconic coupes doesn’t have a spiritual successor today, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely forgotten. In fact, there could be a big surprise currently in the works to celebrate the anniversary of the sports car.

We received an email from our spy photographers earlier this morning with the photos you will see in the gallery above attached. We were exactly as surprised as you are – this is indeed a test prototype based on the P1800 and it fuels our imaginations. What is Volvo working on?

Well, first of all, it could be a test car that is not related to the automaker at all. But if we assume that this is indeed something Volvo is involved in, our best guess is a 100% electric restomod to mark the 60th anniversary of the original P1800.

Volvo’s involvement in the potential project is more than just a guess. A quick investigation reveals that the prototype is registered as a red P1800 and is owned by Mattias Evensson, who currently works as an engine development manager at Cyan Racing. The company is the official motorsport partner of Geely, which currently owns Volvo and Polestar. Do you see the connection?

It’s also worth mentioning that the car was previously owned by Jonas Christian Dahl, who took sole ownership of Polestar in 2004 before joining Volvo a few years ago. He is currently CEO of Cyan Racing.

And now, about the prototype. It looks a lot like the original car, but we also see that it has wider fenders, wheel arches, wheels and tires. Plus, more importantly, there aren’t any visible tailpipes at the rear, and – obviously – it’s covered in a camouflage very similar to what Volvo and Polestar use for their future products.

That said, we cannot confirm anything at this time. We could envision a one-off all-electric model to mark the P1800’s anniversary next year, but it could also be just a test mule for future powertrains from the Swedish manufacturer, or Cyan Racing.

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