Noose Found in Garage of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s Only Black Driver

Noose Found in Garage of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s Only Black Driver

Bubba Wallace, the only black NASCAR driver, recently lobbied the racing series to ban the display of the Confederate battle flag during its events, which the series quickly agreed to do on June 10. NASCAR revealed on Sunday that a noose was discovered in the garage team for Wallace’s No 43 Richard Petty Motors Chevrolet Chevrolet at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. The racist and threatening gesture recalls the brutal lynchings of black Americans; he was not seen by Wallace, born in Alabama, but was found and reported by a member of his team, according to ESPN.

Progress rarely comes quickly, but the backlash is often immediate. Reactions to NASCAR’s ban on Confederate imagery earlier this month have varied, ranging from support for what cannot be described as bothered, as the nation remains wiped out by a judgment on systemic racism. At the same time, the noose was found, a number of fans lined up outside the runway to display Confederate flags while an airplane flew over a banner with the flag and the message “Defund NASCAR”. NASCAR’s late ban on Confederate symbols of its races occurs as protests across the country also focus on the removal and / or destruction of monuments celebrating major figures and elements of the lost Confederation the American Civil War as it struggled to maintain the ability of white Americans to own black Americans.

As in most high-level racing series, the NASCAR garage area is largely closed to the public, which could indicate that someone affiliated with the series, another team, or the Talladega track could be responsible. For its part, NASCAR immediately launched an investigation into the incident, adding with a statement that it was “angry and indignant, and could not sufficiently state how seriously we took this heinous act. We have launched an immediate investigation and will do our utmost to identify the responsible person (s) and remove them from the sport. The leading stock car series has long lacked minority representation, and it appears that at least one person wanted to send a message that they would prefer NASCAR to stay that way, or at least that they could fly a flag that many Americans consider it to be racist.

In a statement of his own, Wallace said, “Today’s vile act of racism and hatred leaves me incredibly sad and painfully reminds us of how far we have to go as a society and how much we must persevere in the fight against racism. . “

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