Nissan Z Proto Viewed Up-Close And Personal In Walkaround Video

It’s been over a week since Nissan unveiled its potential successor to the 370Z, the Z Proto. It’s enough time for the excitement of the new debut to wear off, and it’s also time to get better acquainted with the styling details of this near-production prototype. Perhaps more importantly, it’s enough time to get a better idea of ​​public opinion, and there are rumors about the Z’s simplistic look, especially with that large grille rectangle up front.

As is often the case, impressions of vehicles differ when you see them in person. This is exactly what JDM Masters had the opportunity to do recently, visiting the Nissan pavilion in Yokohama where the Z Proto is currently on display. We’ve seen a lot of official Nissan photos and images already, but this clip spends time talking about various design details and trying to show them on camera. Even with the narration of what we see, it’s still difficult to really understand the real design language of the Z Proto.

The takeaway from the video is that the photos just don’t do the prototype justice. It seems pretty basic overall, which is both praise and criticism. The camera manages to capture the flared wheel arches in flattering light, and you might have missed the subtle roof spoiler in previous photos.

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Perhaps most interesting is the close examination of the Z Proto’s rectangular grille, which is actually two sections. The lower part is of a different design and there is also a carbon fiber spoiler almost hidden under the fascia. All of this combines to make the Z Proto’s face look very different in person than what people see in photos and videos like this. In other words, we’ll have to bide our time until we can get a personal look at the Z Proto to better understand everything that’s going on here.

It’s also important to remember that this car is technically a concept. It might go through a few changes before going into production, and there’s still a chance it won’t see any production at all. Nissan hasn’t officially confirmed, although we expect to see something in showrooms in the next couple of years.

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