Nissan Z Proto Shows Retro Design Cues And A Manual Gearbox

Nissan Z Proto Shows Retro Design Cues And A Manual Gearbox

For a long time, but he’s finally here. Well almost. On September 16, the wraps will roll out for the new Z car. To make the wait easier, Nissan has released another teaser video that adds more pieces to the sports car puzzle. Further confirming that the exterior design will be inspired by Z models of the past, the clip shows round headlights similar to those of the Nissan Fairlady Z / Datsun 240Z and tail lights inspired by those of the 300ZX (Z32).

We’re also getting more and more familiar with the updated Z logo adorning the rear pillar as another nod to the Z cars of yesteryear. Nissan also provides a glimpse of the interior of the cockpit where we are tempted to believe the car had a shifter for a manual transmission. Otherwise, what would be the point of focusing on this area? Yellow stitching is visible on the center console, but the do-it-yourself gearbox remains the main attraction in this brief video.

While details regarding the technical specifications remain shrouded in mystery, Nissan says the new Z car combines a “retro theme with modern technology” and that it “will not disappoint”. There’s a good chance the official reveal will technically involve a prototype given the use of “Proto” in the name, but that should be close to the real deal. The company took a similar approach in 2005 with the GT-R Proto, which almost looked like the production-ready R35, arriving a few years later.

The fact that this is a prototype rather than an actual production model could mean that Nissan is still putting the finishing touches on the successor to the 370Z. By connecting the dots, it might not hit the market until next year, possibly 2022MY in the United States.

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