Nissan Z Proto Shooting Brake Fan Rendering Needs To Happen

Earlier this week, Rain prisk brought a different flavor to the recently unveiled Nissan Z Proto – in the form of a sand-eating Z off-roader, ready for safari with a tent mounted on the roof. We saw this rendering as a possibility, given the multitude of off-road Porsche 911 Safari and Miatas we’ve seen before.

This time, the digital artist brings us a shooting brake version of the highly anticipated new generation Z car. At first glance, it doesn’t look half bad and that’s mainly because we’re looking at its rear, without showing us the controversial rectangular grille.

Kidding aside, we love how a simple lift and extension of the roof can add a lot of style to the already sleek prototype. Perhaps because the blacked-out tailgate creates a fluid illusion on the rear graphics, or because a shooting brake body style suits the successor to the 370Z very well, regardless of color.

Either way, since this is a fan rendering, we probably won’t see it in the metal, but then again, that’s not impossible at all. Remember, someone made a Rolls-Royce shooting brake, so a coupe-to-shooting brake conversion will always be on the table. It’s just a matter of who and when.

Rain prisk is not yet finished with its Nissan Z Proto project. According to his Facebook post, which we’ve incorporated above, we can expect a mid-engine, wide version from him, which could happen soon.

The Nissan Z Proto Shooting Brake joins the list of unofficial fan renderings, which include an SUV, roadster, Nismo, and sedan. Expect more of these in the weeks and months to come, and of course, don’t forget that the official production version always arrives next year.

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