Nissan Z Proto Morphs Into Controversial SUV And Sedan Fan Renderings

Nissan Z Proto Morphs Into Controversial SUV And Sedan Fan Renderings

Something monumental happened in the automatic verse this week. A vehicle over ten years old is finally close to retirement, as evidenced by its replacement – albeit in prototype form – which has been revealed. Of course, we’re talking about the Nissan Z Proto, which is a near-production prototype that will replace the aged 370Z within the next two years. But could it be more than a two-seater sports car?

This is the question asked by KDesign AG on Two unofficial renderings take the Z Proto’s design cues and apply them to slightly larger and more practical vehicles. On the one hand, we have what’s called a 400Z sedan that combines the face of the Z with the flared hips and floating roof of the Nissan Maxima. The 400Z SUV clearly borrows its form from the Nissan Ariya, replacing the large V-shaped grille and narrow headlights for the Z Proto’s rectangular mouth and teardrop-shaped lenses.

The renderings are crisp and well done, but could Nissan actually go this route with its iconic Z? Such creations are extremely unlikely for a number of reasons, not the least of which is Nissan’s current financial situation. Truth be told, we’re a little surprised to even see a Z replacement despite the 370Z dating back to 2009. Developing a new sedan in a declining segment also feels like a gigantic head-slapper, especially since Nissan already has it. four sedans in his portfolio.

If anything here has a chance it’s a sporty Z SUV and while it may seem like total sacrilege, automakers are certainly desperate to find an edge in what is now a very oversaturated market. Performance SUVs are becoming more and more popular, and a sleekly styled Nissan engine with twin-turbocharged power and a few handling tweaks could be a source of income. However, we expect Nissan to work with its existing SUV lineup instead of building a new model – both for financial reasons and to preserve the Z heritage as a two-seater sports car.

Would you be tempted to buy either of these practical Z-based vehicles? If you want to see a little more of these renderings, click on the source link below.

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