Nissan Leaf, Ariya Could Be Joined By Larger Electric SUV

With the Ariya crossover, Nissan finally presented a second global fully electric model to join its lineup. The EV is based on the modular CMF-EV architecture, which is expected to underpin many new zero-emission vehicles in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance in the future. One of those new EVs could be another Nissan SUV.

According to a new report from Coach, the Japanese manufacturer could soon introduce a larger electric sport utility vehicle above the Ariya. In the future, the company could add an entire family of EVs to its portfolio, all based on the same modular platform.

“The platform will be used for other cars in the future,” Helen Perry, EV division manager, Nissan Europe, told the publication. “The C-SUV and D-SUV segments are expected to grow approximately 300% over the next three years, so we will look to use the platform in growth segments over the next several years.”

To us, Perry’s words sound like a strong indication that a bigger EV SUV is in the works. At this point, however, Nissan’s timing remains a mystery and we don’t know when the new model will hit the market.

“It all depends on the customer’s request,” she added. “If we had bought Ariya from the market earlier, I’m not sure customers would have been ready for it. The technology would not have been as up to date as it will be at launch. And while Covid-19 has been terrible, it has made customers weigh what is important – for example, emissions. “

So far, we can only speculate on the potential characteristics of the future SUV, but Coach estimates that it could offer more range than Ariya’s 300 miles (483 kilometers) in the United States.

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