Next-Gen Honda Civic Type R Rending By

Next-Generation Honda Civic Will Debut In Spring 2021

Friday can sometimes be a slow news day, but Honda is full of surprises today. In addition to discovering what the automaker cuts for the North American market – in particular the Fit, the Civic coupe and the Accord equipped with a manual – we also learn what is added. You can expect a new Honda Civic sedan next year, and there could be more going on with other models which we’ll talk about a bit.

First, the Civic. In an ad sent to, the automaker has confirmed that the 11th generation Civic will debut in late spring 2021. Our request for further details has been denied, but the announcement indicates that the Si Sedan will return for the new model. In addition, the announcement reveals that production of the hatchback Civic will be transferred to Honda’s North American facilities in Indiana, while the automaker’s British factory in Swindon – the sedan’s current mounting location – is expected to close. ‘next year.

In the announcement, Honda explained how changes in purchasing trends have affected the decisions we see today. Sales of the Civic coupe and the subcompact Fit are supplanted by the HR-V and the Civic sedan, hence the automaker’s decision to cut these models in North America while pushing on other Civic versions. To this end, the 2021 HR-V will have a new set of wheels and a privacy glass for Sport trim levels and the Odyssey minivan will benefit from a mid-cycle refresh that will go on sale in August. A brand new HR-V is expected to arrive in 2022.

As with the other models, the press release generates a certain mystery for the Accord sedan and the Ridgeline pickup. Something is in the works, as both models are listed as having upcoming announcements. Rumors suggest that face changes for the two models may be imminent, but Honda isn’t offering any details at this time. The 2021 Accord and Ridgeline will go on sale later this year.

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