Next-Gen Honda Civic Hatchback Design Leaked In Trademark Filing

Next-Gen Honda Civic Hatchback Design Leaked In Trademark Filing

In July, Honda confirmed that the next-gen Civic would debut in late spring 2021. New design branding images now potentially reveal the new model’s look in hatchback form. The Civic XI forum first posted these images.

Compared to the current Civic Hatchback, the front has a bit more boxer look. The headlights have a more trapezoidal shape which does away with the arched shape at the bottom of existing lamps. There is a two-tiered grille with a smaller opening on top and a larger entry at the bottom with part of the bumper separating them. Judging by these pictures, there are no holes in the lower corners.

In profile, the Civic doesn’t change much. There are fewer folds. Now a line goes from the hood line to the tail lights. Another design blooms along the bottom of the doors.

At the rear, the new Civic adopts the trend of having full-width taillights. Compared to current lamps, these parts have a more square shape. The bumper also has a simpler and more angular appearance.

Overall, it seems Honda designers are moving away from the aggressive, heavily crumpled styling of the current Civic. However, the overall proportions don’t seem to change much.

Honda will move production of all variants of the next-gen Civic to North America, rather than building the current sedan to Swindon, England. The company already confirms that a new Civic SI sedan. Spy plans also indicate that development is underway on the next-generation Type R. Rumors suggest the CTR could use a hybrid powertrain with an electric motor running annually and a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder under the hood. The output could be around 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts).

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