Next-Gen BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Fleet Spied In The Alps

BMW is very active when it comes to testing its next 2 Series Active Tourer. A fleet of prototypes recently traveled to the Alps for mountain testing, and spy photographers were there to capture the action. This time around, we even get a glimpse of the interior, although these cars are obviously far from production specifications.

We’ve already seen spy images from the inside, although they do offer a little more clarity. The double digital screens are certainly impossible to miss, and there seems to be a slight curve towards the center. The looms and large switchgear for testing indicate the prototype nature of these vehicles, but you will also notice a clear lack of controls on the dashboard. This suggests that the functions of radio and air conditioning will mainly be relegated to the touch screen. As such, the Active Tourer should have a very clean and minimalist interior layout.

Looking outside, we see other evidence that these vehicles are far from ready for production. The camouflage levels have not changed since our previous observation six months ago, with the grille and the front clip still well hidden. The swirling envelope is used to hide the lines of the body, but the design of the small crossover is certainly recognizable and evolving by nature. Placeholder taillights are visible at the rear, and a trailer hitch on at least one test vehicle suggests that BMW engineers are fully exercising these 2 Series prototypes in the mountains.

Despite a conservative exterior design compared to the current model, the next Series 2 Active Tourer will be a completely new machine. It will increase slightly in size, in order to better transport passengers and a rechargeable hybrid powertrain. Diesel and gasoline engines will also be offered, driving the front wheels or all four.

We originally thought that BMW would launch this exclusively European model by the end of 2020. This estimate was back before the coronavirus upset the world; now we expect the new Bimmer to be officially released in 2021, likely as a 2022 model.

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