New Nissan Ariya Teaser Shows Off Some Production-Spec Elements

New Nissan Ariya Teaser Shows Off Some Production-Spec Elements

The return of the Ford Bronco is fast approaching, but while the Blue Oval is getting angry for its important model, Nissan is also preparing for the launch of the production version of the Ariya EV crossover. Both events will take place this week, so yes, it’s going to be a long week for us.

That said, the Japanese brand is once again teasing Ariya on its YouTube channel, although this gives us a glimpse of the production skin of the new vehicle.

First of all, Nissan presents the Ariya production logo, which doesn’t deviate too much from the concept logo. The vehicle in the last teaser video is also a golden hue, which we saw on the previous teaser from last week.

Nissan also shows a clear view of the headlights configuration of the Ariya, which mimics the concept but with obvious modifications for the production skin. The LED that crosses the tailgate should also appear on the production model, as seen on the teaser.

Most importantly, the teaser also features the Nissan e-4ORCE badge for the first time. The Japanese brand has confirmed that the dual-engine configuration will debut on the Ariya, giving the mid-size EV crossover an all-wheel drive system – with both driver pleasure and improved ride comfort in mind .

And oh, Nissan also announced the exact time when the Ariya will be revealed on July 15. Set your alarms at 5:00 am GMT (1:00 am EDT) and of course we will be there once the new Nissan breaks down cover, so stay tuned.

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