New Land Rover Defender Too Soft? Meet the Twisted NA-V8

New Land Rover Defender Too Soft? Meet the Twisted NA-V8

Do you think the 2020 Land Rover Defender is a little soft? Can’t wait for the Grenadier Ineos? Then the Twisted NA-V8 might be what you are looking for. There’s just one not-so-small problem: prices start at $ 250,000.

A quarter of a million dollars is a group of Benjamins for what looks like an old Land Rover Defender that has been in the custom store. But the Twisted NA-V8 is little more than that. In its familiar form is a 6.2-liter Chevy V8, a reinforced transmission, a completely revised suspension and improved brakes. The interior is a completely refurbished interior that includes heated and cooled Recaro seats, a touchscreen infotainment and navigation system and a custom eight-channel audio configuration.

Texas-based Twisted North America is a subsidiary of the British company, which has been selling highly specified high-performance Defenders under the Twisted brand for more than 20 years. It plans to sell only 200 hand-built, individually numbered Twisted NA-V8s to the United States over the next five years.

Five models will initially be offered: the short 90 Soft-Top and 90 Station Wagon wheelbase, the long 110 Station Wagon wheelbase and the Double Cab 110 van, and the 130 Pickup extended wheelbase, which combines the double cab with four doors with a longer rear bed and one tonne payload capacity. All are powered by the 6.2-liter V8, but Twisted North America also plans to announce a version with a fully electric powertrain in the near future.

As a standard version, the Twisted NA-V8 is powered by a 455-horsepower 6.2-liter LT1 shared with the Camaro SS. But customers can also order a high-performance version powered by the 650-horsepower, 650-liter LT4 engine that first appeared in the 2015 Corvette Z06 and is now available as a GM crate engine. Twisted also offers a personalized tuning service that will extract even more power from each engine. Buyers also have the choice of an eight-speed automatic or a five-speed manual. To cope with the extra power, the Twisted NA-V8 is equipped with robust differentials, drive shafts and half shafts.

Suspension improvements include Bilstein shock absorbers with custom valves, as well as Eibach springs. The Defender’s long wheel travel has been retained to ensure off-road capability, but Twisted engineers say the understeer on the road has been significantly reduced. Alcon high-performance disc brakes, with six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston calipers at the rear, were also installed.

In addition to the interior improvements mentioned above, the Twisted NA-V8 comes with high quality leather trim, a custom center console, new switchgear and an improved package of soundproofing and insulation. The list of standard equipment also includes cruise control, power windows, parking and blind spot sensors, as well as front and rear facing cameras with wide angle views.


Twisted offers a standard range of 11 colors reminiscent of the classic hues of Land Rover Defender such as navy blue, willow green and Bahama gold, or will be painted on sample. Each NA-V8 will take six months to build and will come with a 24 month / 20,000 mile warranty, with GM engines and transmissions covered for 24 months or 50,000 miles.

“The US market has come to a point where robust luxury SUVs from Germany and Europe cost a penny,” said Tom Maxwell, managing director and CEO of Twisted North America. “The NA-V8 is the ultimate expression of individuality – on-road, off-road and shared when it comes to standing out in a sea of ​​existing luxury SUVs.” For $ 250,000, you expect nothing less.

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